My First Post

All About Me

I am a regular 20 year old female who currently lives with her mother, her mothers ‘fiancée’ or ‘boyfriend’ (whatever he is), two dogs, a cat, 2 lizards and apparently now a fish – sounds exciting doesn’t it. My brother used to live with us, however he moved out with his girlfriend-  I think he is going to ask her to marry him. Me and my brother used to be so close, nothing could ever come between us, when we were children he never used to want me to go out with my friends he always wanted me to stay home with him and play, we had sleepovers in his bedroom and used sit up laughing and talking all night, we also used to play marbles on the landing and it was great fun (i miss those days). My mother is lovely, or at least she tries to be, she has had more men than i can count but for most of our life we lived in Yorkshire with a man i thought she was deeply involve with, on the other hand, she has been involve a fair few times. I am originally from suffolk and this is where i live now. My father got re-married to another women, my mother and father split up when i was four years old, he now has a new family and that includes my two younger sisters.

As for me i am interested in a lot of things, I’m confused about life and have so many things going round in my head i don’t even know where to begin. I used to figure skate and i loved it, however the ice rink i used to skate at closed down 5 years ago and haven’t been since. I have recently taken up running, or at least i would like to think i have, i’ll go some days but not others but i would like to stick to it and get fit. I am  5ft 7″ tall and currently weigh 10 stone not that that is relevant to anything. I currently have not got many interests as i have recently recovered from a bad patch in my life, however i do see my friends every weekend and get drunk although i probably should’t but it can’t be helped every girl has to have fun right? I would love to travel the world, my goal is to backpack to Australia for up to a year, have fun, meet new people and maybe get a job in a bar on the beach. I would love to learn how to surf whilst i am over there and also explore and discover new things. I currently work in a bakery, the hours are great but i don’t know if it is for me. I have been a carer at 2 different agencies and studied health and social care level 3 at college for 2 years. The truth is i have no idea what i would like to do for a job, i would like to be a councillor for people in prison or with people who suffer rom eating disorders, on the other hand there are a lot of things i would love to do but haven’t even thought about it.

That’s me; confused about life and wishing for new happy things to arise, if I’m being honest i would just love to get away and start again.




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